Highway 42 Combines Jersey.

Mark-up of new Combines Jersey. The pride of Eyebrow Saskatchewan.

This project was a completely Eyebrowian effort. Adam Harrison, my neighbour, and the captain of our hockey team wanted the team to match head to toe in the nearby recreation hockey league. For the past 5 years we just told the players to “Bring something Blue”… Not anymore.

Formerly the Blazers, Adam revived an old regional Sr. hockey team’s moniker, the Highway 42 Combines, and sought out my sister and myself to help design the new image. Adam had his ideas, We thought back to the Logo my Uncle Gerry Unrau had made for the Saskatoon Blades years ago,

which looked something like this…                       So Katelyn came up with this…

Former Saskatoon Blades Logo designed by Gerry Unrau

Combines Original draft


We sent our ideas to the fine Jersey Making folks at Big Stick. They did their professional tweaks, and gave us the final logo design, which after some colour tweaks we accepted.

Earlier in the process, I was trying to incorporate the Saskatchewan Provincial Highways Sign Shape, and came up with this…

This eventually became the Shoulder Patch for the new jerseys.

We decided it looked better on the shoulder, rather than the main logo. The colour scheme of the jerseys was inspired by the Minnesota Golden Gopher’s NCAA Hockey team. All in all everyone’s pretty pleased with the outcome. This was hands down one of the funnest projects I’ve ever had the opportunity to work on.

The Final Outcome.



Lakeridge Preschool Band Posters.

Here’s a few posters for the upcoming Lakeridge Preschool Band concert that I gone done. February 10th!