Let’s Go on Tour!

Photo by Ray Whitton. [raywhittonfoto.com]
Northern Lights Old Time & Blue Grass Music Festival, @ Ness Creek, Saskatchewan

Tour Dates so far. More coming! Visit the Facebook Page to stay up to date.


She’s a quiet night in Eyebrow. But aren’t they all?
The Summer Rush is over, I spent 3 months in neighbouring Alberta working for a tree-planting company. Not planting tree’s though, Ripping Quads. I don’t have the mind-set or whatever it is one needs to bend over 3k times a day, every day.

Anyway I’m back, tanned, fit, and rich as they say, and I’m ready to go again. Let’s book a tour!

In a nutshell, this is what I was up to for the last 3 months

You say “Let’s”… Who are you referring to?

Well You of course! Anybody reading this who happens to be in the Republic of Western Canada. (Manitoba to BC and everywhere in between from the 49th to the 60th because why the hell not). I’m going to need substantial help from my peers on this task, given that I seem to have terrible luck booking shows on my own. Perhaps its the fact that I’m a no-namer to most, or that my email pitch isn’t quite the status quo… I tend to get a lot of rejection letters or straight up ignored from the Bars across the country… So lets Expand beyond the Bars!

When’s the Tour?

October and November hopefully! I’m teaming up with a Manitoban cowboy Singer named Joe Wilson out of Winkler Manitoba, and we’re hoping to get a few shows in his area, starting probably in the first week or two of October. Once harvest is done. From there I’m heading west, and hoping to make it all the way to the Islands of BC by sometime at the End of november. Strategically following warmer weathers west because I’m sleeping in my truck baaaayby.

Looking for Headliners/Co-headliners/Openers

Shows are always just a little bit better when there’s more than one guy up there. As I said previously, Cowboy Joe and I are hoping to co-headline a few in Manitoba… But if you are playing a gig and need an opener, or you’re hoping to book some shows yourself and need a headliner or want to share the stage jamming together, then get at me brother!

Where do you want to Play?

Dive Bars

Ain’t they the best? Nothing says good Country Music like a damp basement where you can still get away with the odd cigarette or two and no one flips a bonnet over it. Where hecklers heckle and the occasional brawl unfolds with empty bottles of beer are chucked across the room.

Ok that might be a stretch (or it might not?) But you get the idea.

One of the best Dive Bar’s I’ve ever played. Vern’s Tavern in Calgary. There’s me on the Drums with Tombstone Tommy last January

Regular Bars

Speaks for itself.

House Concerts

So this idea has been trending the last few years hey? A friend showed me a website (www.homeroutes.ca) where one can book an entire tour of house concerts… Seems nice but I do like to mix it up. Hoping to find folks willing to host a house concert, but I can’t say I’d like the whole tour to be in living rooms. Makes me claustrophobic just thinking about it.

Community Events

Having a party? Town fair? Potato festival? If there’s a stage and people looking for performers do think of me!


Some of my followers already know this about me, some may not but I’ve got a bit of a Gospel repertoire in my back pocket. Old Country Gospel is one of my favourite genre’s to play, and I take a lot from Johnny Cash’s and Kris Kristoffersson’s set lists, I’ll bring my fancy clothes too just in case.

Senior Citizens Centers

Pretty much the same setlist as whats in store for a church performance… Mixed in with some old time, not necessarily religious tunes


Yeah Whatever! You wanna go busking? Lets go busking, just don’t make me go get a real job.

The Merch is on hand and ready to come along

Well there you have it folks. My plan is officially in action. If you are able to assist me in any way on this, do holler!
phone: 1-306-759-7625
email: joelbueckert@yahoo.ca
or send me a message on Facebook

Subserviently Yours,

Jolie Blue

Spread the word! Or don’t. Sailor Vee