New Vid. New Album. New Tour.

Well friends, It’s been a wonderful summer of padding the bank account with harvest and fruit slingin’. But it’s time to get back to business… So I’m putting out a full length album and headin’ out on Tour!

Opening Track complete with a video by @littlejackfilms

We’ve been working on the album since February, and by the time you’re reading this it’s probably already available online in some places… They’ve given me a couple links so far:
Apple Music

It’s a bangin’ album if I do say so myself. Recorded in Calgary at Dog In The Window Records, it’s got some players on it that I never would have guessed I’d be playing with…

Spider Bishop plays the upright bass for Tim Hus. This guy really took me under his wing, played multiple instruments on the album, and let me crash at his place while I was out West.

Thom Moon played the drums for Ian Tyson throughout the 80’s & 90’s, and also played the drums on this album.

Billy MacInnis played fiddle for Stompin’ Tom Connors in his later career, and played the fiddle on a couple of tracks for me.

I was also introduced to many fine Calgary musicians including:
Tyler Allen of Boots & The Hoots, and The Red Hot Hayseeds
Jonathan Lagore
Tim Leacock
Elinor Holt
Rubyjune Bishop
And Derek Pulliam who own’s the studio really put in the elbow grease, doing all the mixing and adding instruments where needed.

Spider Bishop & Me

Then a couple of my own buddies, Harrison Green from Ontario, and Ryley Enns out of Eyebrow Saskatchewan both graced us with their presence on the album. Either way I hope you enjoy it. But lets talk tour…

Mid to Late October is when I hope to start with shows, and if that carried me all the way to Vancouver Island and back before Christmas that would just be great. If you’ve got a location in mind for me to play please reach out! The hunt begins now…

call/text: 306 759 7625