The Cooperall Song! (And Other Things)

So this took off in a pretty satisfying way lately. I’ve known for over 5 years now that the world needed a song about cooperalls, but after several failed attempts I put it on the back burner. Until I had this strange notion that somebody was going to beat me to it.

Luckily, one night, about a week before Christmas, I drank maybe 8 Pilsner Beers and this thing just wrote itself. I went and Recorded it in my buddy Clay’s home studio a few days later, and within a week I was back in Eyebrow and recorded this video.

Bardown took notice and the fine folks over at Barstool Sports had some pretty hilarious commentary on the whole thing, dubbing it “Already the Best Song of the Decade” ha. I’ll take it! Heck it even scored an interview on the local radio station 800 CHAB.

Thank God, I wasn’t even sure if it was a good song or not. Sometimes you can’t tell. Most times I can’t tell. I wrote it, and practiced it alone, and when it came time to record it at Clay’s, in front of Clay, in front of anyone, I couldn’t get through it without laughing, thinking, My Word, this is absolutely ridiculous. But it’s 2020 now, and being ridiculous is the name of the game. No Complaints here! Just happy to have something to stay relevant after returning from my SALUTE TO THE WEST 2019 FALL TOUR

The ever-changing tour poster in its final form.

That was a wild time, though so stretched out it felt more like 2 or 3 smaller tours.

Kicked things off with fellow Cowboy Singer, Joe Wilson, outta Winkler Manitoba. Man can that kid sing. Joe is pretty well established in Southern Manitoba, and he through those first 3 shows together with minimal effort, including the third one, in his Grandparents all-original old barn. We played in the hayloft, with hardwood floors, to a crowd of maybe 50. All friends and family of Wilson and his grandfolks. It was a special show. One of my favourites for sure. Tough to beat a hayloft… But I came close!

Winkler’s own, Joe Wilson. I’d recommend giving this guy a follow, He plays good shit, and has got an album finished and soon to drop.

In Watson SK, I got to open for Tim Hus at the Legion (Thanks Again for that, Jim) which was a huge bucket list check off. A week later I played the historic Twin Cities Saloon in Longview Ab. where Ian Tyson and Corb Lund  recently to shot a video.

I got one of my merch shirts up on the wall at the Overtime Lounge in Shaunavon. After not hearing back from the Hotel Ymir regarding a show, I drove right up, went in and asked for one, and was granted that request for the very next night! Some folks just want that face to face interaction. Makes sense.

In Calgary I played with Tim Hus’ bass player Spider Bishop, and have since kept in touch with good things on the horizon!

Yessir It was a great tour, and maybe some drunken evening I’ll start spewing some of the stories that took place this fall. As there were many. But basically I just needed to write something because anyone looking at my page isn’t going to want to see an out dated Post requesting shows for a tour. That happened already. And It’ll happen again! I look forward to doing it much better…

Until then, I’m off to try to record a full length album. Mostly the favourites you’ll find on youtube, but some others too… The Cooperall Song, the audio you hear in the video is actually a scratch track for the upcoming album (so spoiler alert, it’ll be on there) I recorded 16 Scratches at Clay’s home studio so far… Hoping the cream rises to the crop and have this whole project finished and on the production line by Spring time.

Tim Hus, the band, and myself, in Jim’s Workshop. Nov. 2nd 2019. Good Times!

So stay tuned my dudes! Check out my new Tour Dates page, as that’s where all the updates are.