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P.O. Box 125
Eyebrow, SK, Canada
S0H 1L0

Jolie Blue – The Canadian Drifter, was born and raised around the wheat fields of Eyebrow Saskatchewan, and has since then, travelled to almost every corner of Canada, the United States, Mexico and onward with his guitar in hand. 

Heavily inspired by the life and work of Canadian Legend Stompin’ Tom Connors, Blue has spent years travelling Coast to Coast to Coast, following Connor’s footsteps, often sleeping in the bushes or under over passes and busking to pay his way, and discover his stories. Like Connors, Jolie Blue is geared towards singing songs and telling stories about the people of Canada. The greatest Country in the World

You may have seen his most recent video release of “The Cooperall Song” which gained attention Across Canada and into the United states, being featured on TSN, as well as Barstool Sports. 

This past fall he completed his first Solo tour, spanning 20 locations, across the West from Altona, Manitoba up to Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, BC. On one occasion he shared the stage with another Canadian Troubadour, Tim Hus.

He has released just one EP so far, The Jolie Blue EP, and has had several videos go viral online, including “Mennonite Girl”, “Ode to Viterra” and most recently “The Cooperall Song”

This month he’ll be heading to Calgary Alberta where he’s working on his first Full Length album, playing alongside such notable musicians as Thom Moon (Drummer for Ian Tyson, through the 80’s 90’s) and Spider Bishop, Tim Hus’ right hand man on the Stand Up Bass. The album is expected to be released sometime this spring.

Jolie Blue is also currently adding festival shows for the upcoming season, and you’ll be able to see him play at the Riverhurst Bean Festival (July 25) and the Hillbilly Boogie (August Long Weekend) in Kenaston.

With Canada always being the centre point of his performance, Jolie Blue’s set will get your toe’s tapping, and your patriotism beaming, and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Jolie Blue resides in Eyebrow Saskatchewan, staying close to the culture and the lifestyle that he finds most inspiring.

New EP – Online Now!

Disc Available at Hohners General Store, Eyebrow SK.
Or from Me.

Recorded in Saskatoon in the Spring of 2018, my debut EP became available July 14th. Featuring:
Clay Buhler on Bass/Backup Vocals
Maria Buhler Singing Backup Vocals on track 4.
And Darrell Bueckert on the drums. Darrell also recorded and mixed the EP

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